After almost 3 years in The Netherlands working as proteomics informatician at Albert Heck’s lab, I’m moving to Seville, Spain, to work as a web developer for Yaco Sistemas, a fresh and dynamic open source friendly company.

This is an important shift in my career since I won’t be working on proteomics informatics and academic research anymore. I have mixed feelings about leaving proteomics. On one hand I like the area because there are plenty of tough challenges to be solved. But on the other hand I’m glad I can dedicate all my time to develop web applications, that might not be as sophisticated as proteomics software, but that will be immediately useful for the masses. I love web development and the Python community but within proteomics I could only intersect with the Python web development community quite sporadically. Now I’ll have the chance to be part of it full time.

Personally, The Netherlands is the most comfortable and easy-going country I ever lived. Here I had the chance to work with very smart people and made friends that will never forget. What I have learned during these years is priceless.

But I can’t deny my origins, Spain is where I feel at home even if sometimes I don’t find it too exciting because I’m too familiar with the culture. However Seville is quite far from my hometown, in the North of Spain. The culture in the South is very different from the North, so in a way, I’ll be another foreigner excited about the peculiarities I discover about Andalusian culture.